Does Labor Equal Happiness?

In the year 1974 a man by the name of Donald Trump set his sights in the hotel industry making the first Trump Towers. He made billions of dollars in the hotel chain, but of his children? They had done nothing to gain the luxury they have lived in. Now answer this question, is Labor the only way to gain prosperity?

Many people hurt themselves to gain the prosperity a teeming of people want to have. But what is the meaning of Prosperity? Well, it is the happiness of where a person is in life. In reality, while families are suffering to get rich or have a fantasy come to life, others are gaining that fantasy of getting rich in a second. For example, inheritance, a get-rich-deal without even lifting a finger. Paris Hilton   is a great example of a person who never had to lift a finger to get the money she has. “I’m like an American princess” (Hilton). This quote tells the reader that she is a rich girl doesn’t have to do much to bath in diamonds and perils, all she has do is sit in her twenty thousand dollar room and be indolent. Another example of getting their parents money is London Tipton. She is a fictional character from the show, “The suite life on deck” on the Disney Channel who is based off of Paris Hilton. She is the symbol of getting rich without going through work. An example of this is shown through these quotes from the website wikiquotes:
Maddie: There's no such thing as ghosts.
London: Wrong, as usual. I've seen this ghost. It was so scary, I dropped my new purse. And left it there!
Maddie: With money in it?
London: Oh, just the regular $1,000 bill every kid gets for allowance... [Maddie, Zack and Cody suddenly bolt for the elevator.] Hey! Just 'cause I don't need it, doesn't mean it's not mine (Wikiquotes)

In these quotes we can see how London treats large amounts of cash like pennies. Through inheritance labor is not a factor to be concerned with, it is just an inconvenience.
Luck. It is one of the most desired things on this world....