Do You Want to Know Common Applied Rod Mill?

As we all know that Rod mill also can be called pin crusher,mineral rod mill or ore rod mill,gets its name by the fact that the grinding media inside the cylinder are steel rod. Rod grinder generally adopts wet type overflow type and can be used in the first-stage open-circuit grinding process. But Do You Want to Know Common Applied Rod Mill?

There are three kinds of common rod grinding mill:1. The overflow type rod mill; 2. End peripheral discharge rod grinder; 3. The surrounding the center row ore rod mill. Overflow application the most common type of rod mill, the product particle size than the other two kinds of thin, generally used for grinding products, after the fine crushing to supply ball mill is used, the product particle size for a 0.5 2 mm. Surrounding the end row ore rod mill is generally used for dry grinding, product granularity coarser, the grinding rod mill also can be used as a wet grinding, using peripheral discharge rod mill can obtain high gradient and good turnover, product size is 5 a 2 mm. Surrounding the center row ore rod mill can be used in the wet and dry product grain size more coarse, the material from the ends of the rod mill to the grinding process is short, soon, the gradient is high, the product is too thin sand.

This rod mill is mainly used for aggregate industry, in order to produce sand. In order to prevent the pin crusher rod and tangles, generally recommend the captain of the pin crusher and rod mill diameter ratio of 1.4 to 1.6. When this ratio is less than 1.25, the possibility of entanglement has increased dramatically, so can not less than 1.2 when the diameter of the rod mill more than 3.8 meters, the work efficiency and quality of grinding rods in pin crusher will be carefully considered.

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