Do Uniforms Really Help with Discipline and Motivation

The question on many parents and school advisors minds is, “are school uniforms a good way to improve discipline and motivation?” The answer is simple; yes, uniforms help discipline and motivation. Students currently without a uniform policy may have their individualism, but these same schools have students wearing trench coats and hiding weapons under their clothing so that the students can bringing them into the schools for the sole purpose of hurting other students. Students clothing become stolen because they have a designer label on the shirt or purse. Schools suppose to be a haven for students, not a place where a student has to worry over their property, safety, and his or her grades. Even though students do not express his or her individuality through the student’s attire, uniforms help discipline, and motivation issues.
Discipline issues like classroom management, theft and violence decrease when a uniform policy are in place. Once a school adapts a uniform policy, classroom management issues becomes issues of the past.   Godfrey (2008) illustrates that after two months of possessing uniforms policy installed in the schools; high school officials reported 40 % fewer truancies, 59 % fewer class removals and 37 % fewer cases of inappropriate conduct. By uniforms installed into the classroom, a unity is formed between the students and thus helping the management in the classroom. Wilde (2009), states that uniform policy reduces economic and social barriers between students. When the students unite, there is less chance of theft or violence happening in the schools.
Theft of property decreases when uniforms are in the schools because students are all wearing the same thing. The U.S. Department of Education (1996) website states that uniforms can decrease violence and theft within schools over designer clothing or expensive sneakers; it will also prevent gang members from wearing their colors and insignia while at school. Without the worry of another student,...