Looking into what we have learned in this class has truly effected how I look at things in my own life. We have discussed being cultural sensitive and also diverse with other individuals. We have taken tests to see if we favor one thing over another. Then we had discussions about our personal lives in this class. I have seen how this affects me personally and this paper will discuss these changes I have made and seen.
Then we have recognized what moral philosophy is. “This branch of philosophy that requires regulation, protection, and advice notion of right and wrong conduct. This term comes from the Greek word ethos. It means "character". Ethics is a go together to Aesthetics in the philosophy field of Axiology. In philosophy, ethics examine the moral actions in humans, and how one should act. Ethics light up the function of ethics in the background of other kind of social relationships; it examine the nature and inner structure of ethics, studies its basis and historical growth, and offer theoretical explanation for one or another ethical system. The most convincing ethical system is the essential morals that describe life and the life of those close to us frequently our family and community. Frequently they are the morals that are common by a group of people, and each different 'people' or 'society' has rather dissimilar ideas about what is correct and what is incorrect.” In this section, this gives an idea of what we are looking into what we are trying to learn and what we can expect with moral diversity. (Harrison, D. A., & Klein, K. J. (2007))
I have worked in many different jobs and had the chances to work with many different classes of people. I have worked with whites, blacks, Asians, Hispanics, and many more. During this time I have had a chance to learn about all of their cultures and their beliefs. This has opened my eyes to we may have the same goals in mind, we may have been raised different, but this is what makes us who we are in the world. Being...