Diversity in Medical Center

It appears that Heritage Medical Center has been let down partly because board members have clearly failed to meet with the organization’s expectations. As a result, the “hospital is currently plagued with financial and management problems so severe they are reaching the crisis stage.” Now that the board is in the process to select four members into the boards, due diligence must be followed in order to appoint the most qualified individuals.   A Diversity plan should also be followed while selecting the new board members in order to begin changing the existing working environment and overall culture of existing board. This will allow bringing new ideas and perspective to the team and finally make the changes needed for the better of the board and the medical center.   Diverse teams deliberate better and make better choices; so having a diverse board leads to better decisions. The board has to understand that diversity within the management team is fundamental for the return on investment, or it will miss opportunities we don't understand or don't even see.
I would select Carmen Diaz, the 33-year-old Hispanic, medical doctor. Being highly respected by in the field of medicine, Carmen is described as innovative and a self-starter. Carmen’s qualities will bring commitment of improvement to the board. She is relatively young, a woman, that can bring a different perspective and ideas to the table.
Following Carmen, Charles Wong, a 35-year-old management systems analyst of Asian decent, should also be considered.   Known as a team player and a supportive person, Charles would help in the existing to focus on the effectiveness of teamwork finally changing its existing board members’ ways of doing things.  
Peter Skylar, the 46-year-old CEO of a Health Maintenance Organization, is the third candidate I would select because of his knowledge and expertise in the field. Since Peter would be considered the subject matter expert of the group of members, this would allow him...