Diverse Clientele

[U07D2] UNIT 7 DISCUSSION 2 Diverse Clientele
    It has long been recognized that male rape has been a feature of all male institutions, in particular the forces and in prisons. Throughout the world, the environments with the highest frequency of same sex rape are undoubtedly prisons and jails (Scarce 1997). In the United States, it is estimated that an average of 360,000 males are assaulted behind bars each year and at least two thirds of these are repeatedly raped and often gang raped on an almost daily basis.
    Statistics on child sexual abuse reveal that it is a significant, yet poorly defined problem in the United States. It is difficult to determine the actual number of children who are sexually victimized because reported prevalence rates vary across research studies and data sources. (Lipovsky & Hanson n. d.)   In 2002, the Rape & Sexual Abuse Center reported that there were approximately 60 million survivors of child sexual abuse living in the United States. (Lipovsky & Hanson n. d.)   Moreover, as a counselor in training, I can honestly say that counseling a male rape victim and pedophiles could be problematic.
    Assuming that no referral is available for a client presenting with one of the above life issues; I will continue to provide ethically appropriate and culturally responsive care while continuing to be sensitive to my own objection by following the ACA Code of Ethics and developing the self-realization; that it may be more difficult to work with a victim who has sexually assaulted or raped someone. In these cases, the rape crisis counselor’s role in the counseling capacity, is to help victims process their trauma and heal from victimization, not to address offender issues. If offender issues arise, which they may, counselors should be prepared to refocus attention back to the victim experience. (Meeting the Needs n. d.) As always, counselors should consult with their supervisors and agency policies as to whether providing...