Disscussion of Colony's

Discussion of colony’s
With the Chesapeake and New England colonies beginning in England and everything being different from these two colonies it was very challenging. The colony of Virginia started off with basically a bunch of single men in search for an adventure. The Massachusetts people were puritans that were after religious freedom and a good place to have their kids.
In 1607 the colony of Jamestown was settled, they had one thing in mind and that was to search for gold and other eye catching items to be sent back to England. Their search went ok till they hit rock bottom, then the settlers turned to farming to grow crops to survive on and to see or trade. A major crop was discovered called tobacco, which the settlers found out this crop would grow with out any problems. Soon the colony had an economy based on farming. When the colony of Massachusetts arrived in America, they came for one reason that was for religious reasons. Before they departed for America, the colony left England and made home in Holland where they could worship as they pleased. But after a little of ten years there, it was time to move on and come on to America.

      Over the next couple of years, these regions had many problems. Virginia had large amount of settlers arrive to the colony as indentured servants which would work for so many years to pay for their up keep. With the servants arriving, it caused some social problems. The social classes were soon developed into three groups that consisted of the planters on top, poor farmers middle and servants on the bottom. The northern climate was much cooler and not suited for large plantations, like the ones in the south. The colonists of Massachusetts stayed together, so that they could have sustenance farms.
      By having small communities, everyone kept an eye on each other so that no one would fall into sin. The northern colonies had to attend church no matter what; leadership was provided by all church members. Jamestown...