• Discuss How to Improve Personal Contributions to the Collective Effectiveness of a Team

  * Discuss how to improve personal contributions to the collective effectiveness of a team

Personal contribution is what you do that will make a group more effective into completing their objectives.

Effectiveness of a team is the capacity a team has to be accomplish the goals or objectives administered by an authorized personnel or the organization.

1. Building good communication skills. Good communication is the oil that keeps the workplace machine running smoothly. Having the ability to listen carefully, speaking clearly and put others at ease is valuable in any team work and can involve a wide range of skills.

  * Listening attentively to others and showing interest in everything they say
  * Encouraging interest and interaction from others in your team.
  * Expressing an opinion or asking a question clearly and concisely
  * Being able to persuade others of your line of reasoning
The ability of communicating effectively with members of the team is essential, whatever sector you’re in. good communication galvanizes teams, inspires high performance and brings about good cooperation.

  2. Identifying yourpersonal strength and weakness. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is something that is crucial in your life. Equally important as knowing your personal strength is knowing your personal weaknesses .Knowing your strengths is more vital to being more productive and happier during team work. But knowing your weakness is very important. Why?

  * It keeps you from engaging in activities where you can’t make much impact.
  * It provides an opportunity for others-people with very strengths you’re missing- to contribute. This strengthens your team.
  * It keeps you from frustrating yourself and others.

The following is how someone can identify his/her strengths and weaknesses.
  * Understanding your abilities.
  * Performing a reflective best self-exercise
  * Listing your actions
  * Listing your desires
  * Assessing your strengths and...