Discourse Analysis

Discourse Analysis

In 1992 Rachel Nickel’s, was attacked while walking in Wimbledon Common with her two year old son, the only witness to the crime. She was stabbed forty-nine times and sexually assaulted.

In this assignment three aspects of non-verbal communication will be analysed from the excerpt. These will be; Interpersonal distance, gazes and facial expressions, posture and gestures. The focus will be on the interviews of Andre Hanscombe with the media and Collin Stag with the police investigators.

Interpersonal distance

Interpersonal distance is important in how we socially interact; it is observed that when another enters an individual’s personal space, the individual becomes stressed. An individual’s interpersonal distance can be split into four zones; intimate, personal, social and public, Hall named this proxemics.   Hall (1966)

Hall stated that intimate distance is from 0-1.5 feet; at this close proximity, vision is minimal, so the individual will rely on smell and touch. Therefore intimate distance is only shared with those we feel close and comfortable with, such as ones intermit partner and off spring. It is at Personal distance, with a radius of 1.5 feet to 4 feet that the individual begins to feel more at ease, touch is minimal, and the individual rely on senses such as vision and hearing to interact. At this distance we feel comfortable interacting with friends and indulging in conversation. It is at social distance, which ranges between 4 and 12 feet, that we feel completely comfortable, socially interacting with others whether they be friends or new acquaintance’s, It is at this distance interviews would normally take place allowing all parties to relax during interaction . Lastly there is public distance; the individual will on averaging position oneself 12 feet from another individual. Scott (1984)

Research has found that in order to feel comfortable when interacting with others, we situate ourselves with in the social...