Dipolma 5

      1.1 Use and Develop Systems that Promote Communication

There are a wide range of groups and individuals who I communicate with on a daily, weekly, and less frequent basis within my role as a service manager. These include service users, other service managers, support workers, social workers, medical professionals and visitors to the house. I communicate with all of these people in writing, verbally and also by listening. I have to utilize different skills when communicating with the different individuals mentioned. Service users may need to feel supported and understood when I am looking at their needs. I may need to adapt the way I communicate to ensure I am understood using signs, pictures etc when talking to some service users, barriers to communication may occur if I do not assess how to communicate with every individual I have to deal with, when I am speaking with people who I am the manager of I need to know they understand my instructions, and understand as there manager they have to do the duties that I request of them, this also has to be communicated with a mutual air of respect to ensure people are happy to carry out the tasks I have requested of them. If I am discussing an issue with a member of staff I will be happy to show them what is required and how to achieve the desired result to ensure there is n misunderstanding of the request.
It is also vital that I listen to their suggestions and ideas and act upon them to ensure they are always happy and comfortable communicating with me. When talking to parents it is important to portray empathy and understanding as opposed to sympathy, listening to what parents have to say is vital to ensure the service users receives the best care available in the eyes of the parents especially.
Talking to other managers requires mutual respect and understanding with listening skills playing a vital role should you wish to be a successful management team. Appropriate communication   needs to be matched to the...

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