Digital Dumping

About Digital Dumping Activity in Ghana
Digital dumping activities occur in many countries especially in West African countries.   Ghana is the main target of digital dumping which causes suffered the degradation of human health and environment. (
  1. What is Digital Dumping?
According to Mr. Juan, Digital Dumping is the disposal of discarded electronic appliances such as mobile phones, computers, and televisions.
  2. What hazardous substances found in old electronic appliance?
According to Ms. Marissa, there are several hazardous substances such as:
  * Lead in cathode Ray tube
  * Arsenic in older cay tubes
  * Mercury in switches and housing
  * Cobalt in steel
These hazardous substances affect human health. (
  3. When Digital Dumping occurs in Ghana?
According to Ms. Devina, Digital dumping occurs when remnants of phones, computers and other devices 'expire usability' and this electronic waste - e-waste - is transported and discarded in third-world countries such as Ghana   in 1986

  4. How Digital Dumping occurs in Ghana?
According to Ms. Rona, digital dumping or e-waste dumping shipped across the ocean from Europe to Ghana. Now some places in Ghana full off e-waste, which causes some Ghana people death of poisonous gas.
  5. Why Digital Dumping occurs in Ghana?
According to Mr. Samuel, The ‘dumping’ is substantially implemented by European first world countries as “85% of containers illicitly arriving in Ghana with electrical goods came from Europe.”