Digital Communiction

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Interpsonal Communication- Interpersonal Relationships in the Digital age

Maya A. McLaurin

Comm 200S
February 27, 2014

Digital communication has had an extremely large influence on society as we know it. Today it seems that the majority of our population would rather send a text, tweet, or Facebook post instead of picking up the phone and calling someone or just going to talk face to face. As technology continues to advance, digital communication is becoming more popular. It sounds great but there is no doubt the Digital Age has impacted our interpersonal skills as humans.
There are hundreds, if not thousands of dating sites available to any and every one. There are even sites that only cater to certain groups of people whether it be ethnicity, religion, or lifestyle. There’s something out here for everyone. With the dating pool being so vast online, the number of internet relationships have sky rocketed.   As of today, it has been reported that an estimated 41,250,000 people in the U.S. alone have tried it ("Online dating statistics," 2014). With all things, digital dating comes with its share of advantages and disadvantages.
These days, more and more people prefer online dating versus real, physical dating. It may be because in a sense, you’re safer online. It is quick and easy. Online dating is especially easy when it comes to communicating. You don’t have to worry about stumbling over your words out of nervousness, letting the other person see you blush, or letting out an awkward laugh. Behind a keyboard, you have the freedom to safely type whatever you want. You can also say whatever you’d normally be afraid to say face to face. Being online and safely behind a screen gives some people a certain boost of confidence they wouldn’t normally have. In addition, chatting online can help people get to know one another on more of an intellectual level.   Online, you usually only have a profile picture to look at, if that at all....