About Me
People always wonder: Who I am? What I like? Where I come from? I find something new everyday that I am interested in. It is also hard to explain my personality. There are many things to say about me. I will try my best to explain.
I was raised in a single family home by my mother and shared it with my other siblings. I am Puerto Rican born in Ponce, Puerto Rico. I was not raised in Puerto Rico and sadly I don’t speak spanish, but I understand it. At almost three years old we decided to move to Chicago in which I lived for 4 years. For 8 years I lived in Hammond, Indiana in which I made a lot friends and have many memories. Recently we moved to Orlando, Florida and   I have been here for about four years. `
I recently turned 18. It does not feel like I am that old. Legally I am an adult and can make adult decisions but still live at home and have to go by my moms rules. I did celebrate my birthday. Sadly without my family. My mother had to work and my brother chose to be with his friend. Eventhough they were not there I spend it with my little sister and my boyfriend made it special. He came with a cake and a gift and made my day.   My name is Angelie and my father chose that name for me..
People often underestimate me because of how I look. I have piercings, I have pink hair and I love to listen to screamo music. But deep inside I am a sweet and an understaning   person and a very loyal friend. I have goals for my future that I have set and   hope to one day gain.
Like many others I am not perfect and have my flaws. I am very emotional, get angry easily and fight other peoples battles, which I sometimes should not do, but I am human and we are not perfect.   In conclusion this is me, I AM ANGELIE!