Devry Proj 410 Week 3 Dq 1

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Consider again the dream retirement home that you were building as part of the Week 2 Discussion. Assume that you are working on the request for a proposal to be bid on by some local general contractors. Using the outline of the RFP sections discussed this week, what are some specific questions or areas of detail that you would put in your RFP? What are some ways that you'd tailor your RFP to make sure that you knew if the local general contractor whom you choose will meet all of your success criteria?
You would definitely want to know specifically what services will and will not be provided in this situation. I would want to have a clear understanding of what will be provided and what the cost is so I can see that difference between contractors. I can then better evaluate my budget and whether I am on track. 
I would also like to know what the contractors background is and what their experience level is in building a house like mine. I would also like to understand the talent level of the team that will be involved in my project. What is their experience and track record. I think these things would help you achieve success in getting house done on time.

Given the content of an Request for Qualifications (RFQ's) versus a Request for Proposals (RFP), do you feel that RFQ's and RFP's should both be a part of a procurement process (e.g. issue an RFQ, receive responses, shortlist bidders, and then issue an RFP to the short-listed vendors) or is one of these (either the RFQ or the RFP alone) sufficient for selecting a vendor?
All the requirements for project completion are needed in the RFP in order to have a successful project. But I think the most important ones are the following: Background, Scope of Services, Management and Control, Pricing, Termination clause Contract terms, and Terms and...