Development Trend Analysis of Impact Crusher

Development Trend Analysis of Impact Crusher

Henan Bailing specialist engineer will help to analyze the future trend of impact crusher today, so that you can master the latest trend of mining crushing industry and help you improve production efficiency.

Impact crusher developed relatively late in China. Until the 50s of last century, our country really have crushers, thus the crushing and screening equipments in our country are mostly appeared in the 50s. Before the 1980s, the impact crusher China made is limited to dealing with hard materials such as coal and limestone.

In general, the future Impact crusher at home and abroad mainly has the following five development trends:

First, it is necessary to improve existing Impact crusher structure and improve the Impact crusher's ability to crush medium hard ores and make maintenance easy, this mainly focus on the improvement of plate hammer and rotor structure so as to facilitate the board hammer replacement and card installation; the optimization of Impact rack (crushing cavity shape) structure, increasing the minerals once crushing rate and the energy utilization rate.

Second, research and develop new board hammer materials with high wear resistance and high toughness to improve the service life of the board hammer and production efficiency.

Third, apply modern mechanical and electrical integration technology and modern control methods (such as hydraulic technology, electronic technology), continuously improve the automation degree of Impact crusher, reduce the labor intensity of workers and improve productivity. For example, using the modern computer-aided design to optimize the parameters of the impact rack, and improve the utilization of energy and minerals one crushing rate.

Fourth, in order to adapt to the needs of market and customers, Impact crusher is heading forward serialization, normalization and upsizing.

Fifth, insist on technological innovation, and gradually get rid of the...