Developing Practice


The purpose of this assignment is to use a model of reflection to show how I have achieved my

Learning needs in one of the Dimensions, as set by the KSF. I have chosen to reflect on

Health, Safety and Security. I aim to show how I have integrated the learning needs identified

in my action plan into my practice, and use a range of literature to give evidence based

reasons for the way I have demonstrated my learning. I will reflect on how I might adapt my

practice in the future, or in different circumstances, supporting my reasons with literature. I also

intend to link my learning to the module learning outcomes. I am going to use Gibbs (1988) Model

of reflection.

When a patient is admitted on to the ward, we need to complete a risk assessment and a day

case or major surgery admission form, depending on the type of operation they are having. All

paperwork is filled in with the patient and any information given by the patient will be accurately

documented on the correct paperwork. The risk assessment we use is a booklet assessing

Manual Handling requirements, Infection control risks, Falls risk, Pressure Ulcer Risks and also

Nutrition risks. The Royal College of Nursing (RCN, 2010) states that “Risk assessments should

take place continuously. They must be reviewed as changes occur such as new equipment,

changes to systems of work or different approaches to patient care.”

The Manual Handling Operations Regulations (1992) require risk assessments to be carried out

if the employer cannot avoid the need for a manual handling action which involves a risk of

injury.   When completing our Manual handling risk assessments, we score the answers by

numbers, for example if the category is mobility, they would score 0 for independent and 4 for

completely bed bound. RCN (2003) argues against using numerical scoring on a risk

assessment saying “Part of the problem with a formula is that it is inflexible and only...