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Data Protection Act

The Data Protection Act (1988) is an act of parliament. The act defines the UK law on the processing of data on people. It is a legal obligation from for all companies to comply with to ensure the protection of personal data in the UK.

The law must also be complied with within the telecommunications and electronic networks. Data on personnel retained by telecom companies within the European Union can only be held for a maximum of two years.

In my line of work, I may be tasked by my chain of command to create a document containing personal details of the soldiers within my Squadron (Names, Contact Numbers, Addresses). I would type this up as a spreadsheet and after I have passed the details on, I am legally bound to delete them from my computer in order to comply with the Data Protection Act.

Computer Misuse Act

The Computer Misuse Act (1990) is a law in the UK that makes certain activities illegal, such as “hacking” into other people’s system, misusing software or helping a person to gain access to someone else’s computer, be it an individual or company.
The Act is split into three sections and makes the following illegal:

  * Unauthorized access to computer material
  * Unauthorized modification of computer material
  * Unauthorized access to computer systems with attempt to commit another offence

If I was issued with a military laptop to conduct my work and I decided to use it to gain access to someone else’s email account or documents, or used it for browsing social media and downloading videos, I would be in violation on the Computer Misuse Act.

Quality Management Systems and Standards for Systems Development

The Equipment Care Directive (ECD) is the system used within the Army to ensure everyone uses the correct method no matter what the fault is. It is a series of charts explaining the next step of action if a piece of equipment is deemed faulty.

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