Design a Flowchart for a Process


Design a Flowchart for a Process
University of Phoenix
Operations Management
Group ID: SB09MBA01
Roberto Cordero
January 21, 2010

I have selected the process of filling my car up with gas. Living in Hemet away from all of my family and friends by at least an hour drive, I fill up my car no less than two to three times a week.   Although the process of filling up your car doesn’t really take up a lot of time, I find the whole process unbearable and tend to wait until the last drop before filling up.
Comment on the factors that affect the process design
The factors that affect the process of design in filling my car up with gas is how much time do I have and how much gas do I have left. Both time and amount of gas I have left do factor in my decision on if I will be filling up today or tomorrow.
Following are the steps involved in filling my car with gas:
(1) Start
(2) drive to the gas station today or tomorrow?
(3) If I decide I don’t today, then go to step 3.
(4) Tomorrow is here and I am going to fill my car with gas.
(5) Wait three to five minutes
(6) Car is filled or not?
(7) Close the gas cap and close the cover.
(8) End
One metric that you will use to measure the process and why those metrics are valuable
I will use the time as metric because they are critical in filling my car up correspondingly.

A flowchart shows you a process that is taken to get from start to end and the steps in between. Flowcharts for me are like a map, if you can follow the same steps one by one then end will always be the same output. The only time this would be inaccurate is if the situation changes. Example the process for gas fill up was on a Honda, if I were to purchase a new car this flowchart would change based on the new car.
Flow Chart

Data Collected
WEEK 1 Waiting Time for Filling Car with gas (Minutes)
Tuesday 5.4
Thursday 10.2
Monday 7.5...