Describe What Your Role, Responsibilities and Boundaries Would Be as a Teacher in Terms of the Teaching/Training Cycle.

Task 1
Describe what your role, responsibilities and boundaries would be as a teacher in terms of the teaching/training cycle.
Identifying needs and planning
Identifying needs of students is done in several ways;
• Initial assessments – online tests that each student takes when first entering college.
• Interview – students have an interview with their chosen learning area, questions will then be asked about their past learning and any needs or requirements.
• ASAR- is an ALS (Additional Learning Support) document that is filled out, by them, about students learning need. If specific provisions are needed these can then be put into place.
• PLP’s – Personal Learning Plan, every student as a PLP which is personal to them about their learning style and targets set.
When this whole process as been completed and student needs have been identified, we can then build how best to support this learner into the lesson plan.
A scheme of work is put into place for each specific course, this is the main plan for the learning objectives and outcomes of that course, and from this document individual lesson plans are formed. Lesson plans cover the learning objectives, activities and outcomes for that individual lesson.
Included in this would be any specific needs of students within that class. For example if a student in class had dyslexia, they may find it easier to read and write in blue, therefore a simple option to make things easier would be to use a blue white board maker, to print handouts on blue paper, but also speak to the student about options available to them as you don’t want to single them out from the rest of the group.   These simple options are good practise and cover such responsibilities as a duty of care, inclusivity and health and safety.  
To ensure that the learning environment for the students is suitable to learn in, things to consider are;
• Correct lighting and temperature for class
• Enough tables and chairs...