Describe Discriminatory Practice in Health and Social Care


If people are being picked on or being treatment less favourably than another person this is being discriminated against.   Discrimination in any way is not acceptable behaviour. People may be discriminated because of their colour, race, age, gender and many other factors.   They are different types of discrimination such as covert and overt discrimination, infringing people of their rights, abusing power of an individual and bullying.  

Overt discrimination
This is a direct form of discrimination which is done openly without hiding it.   This is where people are not treated the same. “Direct discrimination is when individuals openly discriminate against others.   Words or actions are used deliberately to disadvantage another person or group of people”. (BTEC Health and Social Care Page: 8).   Their choices and opportunities are limited.   Treating someone less favourably than someone else because of their gender, race, colour, age, disability etc  
Overt discrimination such as racist remarks is a clear form of prejudice.   In a healthcare setting such as a nursing home where the elderly are having a dance that had been organised and the healthcare provider excluding a particular service user from participating which can be seen clearly.  

Covert discrimination
This is an indirect form of discrimination. “Indirect discrimination is when certain conditions are in place that show a preference for some people over others”. (BTEC National Health and Social Care Page: 8).   This is done on the sly which isn’t intended to be known, seen or found out.   This form is usually less obvious.   For example a day centre run by a service are provider which makes a policy for no hats or any head accessories to be worn, this states clearly that people from different background cant attend example Jews. The care centre is not directly saying that Jews can’t attend but they are aware that they won’t enrol due to their beliefs.  

Infringement of rights
Infringement means to...