Derrick Todd Lee

It all started in St. Francisville, Louisiana, on November 5, 1968, that an unknown future serial killer was born. He was known by family and friends as Derrick Todd Lee, but later in life he became known by America as The Baton Rouge Serial Killer.
    As a child Lee was beaten and frequently punished by his step-father. At school Lee was placed in special education classes, and was often teased by his classmates with names like “retard.” In elementary school Derrick was beginning spy on people by peeping into windows. He was constantly getting into trouble, but at an early stage in life Derrick learned he could talk his way out of any situation.
    At age 13, Derrick was arrested for vandalism and burglary of a candy store. Derrick also attacked a woman, with his mom present, for accusing him of peeping into her window. Derrick often tortured the family dog and its puppies. On August 8, 1985, Lee, now 16, was convicted for 2nd degree murder, but was soon released.   Still at age 16, Lee set his own car on fire for insurance money. August 2, 1988, Lee was arrested for attempted burglary, but charges were reduced to unauthorized entry.
    September 17, 1988, the now 20 year old Lee married, Jacqueline Sims. After, Lee found it hard to keep a job. He then began harassing his mother for all the child abuse he suffered from by his step- father. Derrick’s young wife called the police when he assaulted and threatened her dad with a gun. Soon after Derrick went on a rampage of killings with a victim list ranging from 7-10 murdered.
    Police were positive The Baton Rouge Serial Killer had to be a white male from the evidence they gathered at each crime scene. However, after a DNA analysis was returned they soon realized they were wrong.   The match was to an African American male, Derrick Todd Lee. So finally, at age 42, Lee was convicted and sentenced to death; with the evidence of at least 7 killings.
    The police were able to convict Lee with all the...