Developing Your Delegation Skills
      As a team we decided that if we were asked to develop the department’s new procedure manual by month’s end we would need to delegate that task to another qualified employee.   Clear guidelines and parameters would be put in place to ensure that the employee it was delegated to know what was expected.
      The task that is to be delegated is to complete the department’s new procedure manual by month’s end.   After informing the appropriate manager that delegation will occur we need to select the proper employee to delegate the task to.   The employee that will be choose will have the appropriate knowledge, skills and abilities to complete the task in the time allotted. The employee will also be experienced enough to take charge and be able to make the decisions needed with little direction.   The employee will understand that this task is his or her primary focus until the project is completed. The employee not only will need to be qualified but also have showed his or her work ethic to be an appropriate candidate for the task, meaning management can not show favoritism toward anyone employee.
      Once the employee is choose, parameters for the task will be given to him or her.   The employee will need to understand that they can only act in accordance to the boundaries set forth to complete the task of the new procedure manual and not go back to the old way and ignore these new procedures.   With these new procedures, upper management will need to also delegating a manager to over see the employee that was chosen.   This manager chosen will be held accountable and will need to make sure that the employee delegated to these task stays on these tasks and is not given other responsibility that would take him or her away from it.   His or her authority is not unlimited and he or she will need to act within the parameters set by management.
      Once all the delegation has taken place, the other employees will need to be informed...