Declawing Cats

Nathan Roy
COM 225
Janet Jacobsen
March 10 2010
Self Evaluation
Yes, I am very happy with my overall performance. I rehearsed a lot and I felt like the audience could tell because I wasn’t looking at my notes too often. My tone and pace was appropriate because I fell within the time margin and I was able to make the audience laugh a little bit which means they were into what I was speaking about.
It surprised me that I was able to give my speech so successfully. I was really nervous walking to class and while I was listening to everyone else’s speeches. However, since I was the last one to go on the first day, I was able to settle my nerves a little bit while I was sitting in my seat.
I would say that if I had to have a weakness it would be that I wasn’t able to get a visual aid done like I was originally planning on doing. Another thing I need to work on is using the whole stage to speak as opposed to just standing behind the podium.
I am going to work on my use of the full stage during my next speech. The more energetic about my speech I’m giving, the more it will stick in people’s minds which in turn would make my speech much more effective.
I think my biggest strength when I speak is my tone of voice. I feel like I speak with a steady and soothing voice that can make what I’m saying turn from something serious to something funny which I would definitely consider a big strength.