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                                                                          Jessica Estep
                                                                              PHI   103
                                                            Instructor:   Phillip Bence
                                                                              July 3, 2011

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      Capital punishment is a form of punishment that only some states in the United

States allow. I believe one of the reasons for this would is because the Death Penalty

cannot be applied fairly to all people. There are many circumstances where I feel

that a person is deserving of the death penalty but instead receives a life sentence.

There are also instances where I believe the person should receive a life sentence

but end up receiving the death penalty. There is really no concrete way to tell if a

judge is going to give the death penalty or not. There are fluctuations of thought as

well as fluctuations of emotions in these decisions. There are also many other

outside factors that plays a part in the death penalty. If a deal outside the courtroom

is struck by both sides, a death penalty won't occur. Yes, you would need to have

committed a capital crime in order to receive the death penalty, but this is the only

criteria that has to be met. There are no other criteria that needs to be met.

    The law is said to be a thing with no emotion just procedures. However, we all

know that emotions play a major role in all decisions. Yes, judges and lawyers all

have emotions, and they will put these emotions into their decisions. If a judge is

happy one day he might give life, if he isn't, he might give the death penalty. You

would never know, because...