Death Penalty

The Death Penalty 1

                The Death Penalty: Should it be banned as a form of punishment?

                                                          Deborah Golden

                  English Composition 2

Dr. Marsha Beckwith-Howard

May 9th, 2010

                                                  The Death Penalty 2

      The death penalty does not seem to work from keeping other people from murdering other people. There are many questions to be asked when it comes to the death penalty. One of the big questions is should it be banned as a form of punishment.   There are many different views on this issue and I believe that if you are willing to kill then you should be willing to be killed if that is the sentence you are given by the courts.

The death penalty is still used in the united states for certain crimes committed. Most people are either all for it or against it. I believe that if a person was killed intentionally by another human being then absolutely go for the death penalty when convicting that person, but if there is any doubt at all then the court system should sentence them with life in prison without parole. There are many cases out there where a person is convicted of a wrongful crime and has to stay in prison for the sentence they were given. People have lost many years in prison due to false imprisonment because the jury found them guilty. In many cases people try to blame someone else such as their lawyers as to why they feel that they were not give a fair trial because the lawyer left something out that could have changed their outcome. In an article it was stated that “Ineffective assistance of counsel” is an exceptionally difficult claim on which to succeed. The Supreme Court has found ineffective assistance only a handful of times since it raised the bar in a 1984 case, Strickland v. Washington. That decision requires defendants to prove two elements: that the lawyer’s performance “fell below an...