Dead White Males Character Analysis

Dead white males character analysis
Angela Judd
Angela Judd is an engaging young woman with a sharp mind. She is a Shakespeare enthusiast, at 19 Angela is a fearless freshman at New West University studying English literature. Angela’s character is the way in which the audience or reader realises that we need to be open to a wide range of expectations about humanity. She is a device throughout which radical adherences to feminism is criticised. Angela is the subject of the manipulation and grooming of Grant swain illuminating the corruption with universities. Angela is the main character of the play and is compelled to make a choice between post-structuralism represented by doctor swain and liberal humanism. Angela is a sympathetic character, her circumstances as well as her attributes position us to see her as naive and readily falls prey to swains way of thinking.      
Grant Swain
Grant swain was a literary theory professor at New West University who believes there are no absolute truths, there is no fixed human nature, what we think of as reality is only an artifice, there are as many realities as there are ideologies or discourses which construct them and that words don’t simply mirror reality they manufacture it. Swain appears in the play the villain, due to his unmistakable character. Aside from his violent episodes, we find he is interested in only one thing. Sex.
Melissa at 19 is extremely attractive, knows it and flaunts it, she is Angela’s friend a fellow student, also undertaking English Literature at New West University, unlike Angela is willing to do anything for a better grade, or is she just very naive
Fellow student and university friend is not conventionally handsome but is appealing in a rundown sort of way, has a very non assertive nature and lacks self confidence
Col Judd
Angela’s 77 year old grandfather Col is a former building worker. He has a passive nature and is accused of being the male chauvinist from the old...