Dd 01 Part 1

Oxford Reference Online Activity
Searching Oxford Reference Online
Like Wikipedia, Oxford Reference Online resources are divided into portals or subject areas.
Scroll down the page to the ‘Subject Reference’ section, then select the ‘Politics & Social Sciences’ subject link and have a look at the resources that are included.
Enter the term ‘hooliganism’ in the ‘Quick search’ box.
Select the result from A Dictionary of Sociology.
Click on the ‘hooligan’ link to see the full definition. You will note that there are links to related topics such as ‘juvenile delinquency’ and ‘moral panic’.
More searching on Oxford Reference Online
Click on the ‘HOME’ tab at the top of the screen.
Enter the term ‘ASBO’ in the search box and click on ‘GO’.
Under ‘Refine by Subject’ select the ‘Politics & Social Sciences’ link.
Click on the ‘ASBO’ link to read the full definition from the Oxford Dictionary of Law.
Evaluating and selecting
How useful do you think this article might be for a definition of an antisocial behaviour order.
Consider the presentation. Is the article clearly written?
Think about the range of information and how the article might be relevant to your information needs.
Think about the objectivity of the writing. Is it fact or opinion?
Think about the source, or provenance, of the material.
More on evaluating
How recent is the information provided? Might the date be of importance to this topic?
How do you think the article from the Oxford Dictionary of Law on antisocial behaviour order compares with the article from Wikipedia on antisocial behaviour order?
Now click on this Feedback link.