Dante's Divine Comedy


The sin is very excessive spendiing and excessive hoarding.   Contrapasso, in the story, means thaey have to push these heavy weights with their chests, in half of a a circle.   What this represents is the constant burden of the material they used to hold over the sinners while they were alive.   The punishment for the sinners was just like a crime.
They found a mythological creature in the circle 4, which was Pluto.   Pluto is a Greek ruler of the underwold.   Therefore, he would be found in Dante's Hell.   Pluto is also the Roman God of wealth, meaning he watches over those who are wealth.
In this story, there is a relationship between two different sinners.   Pivarice and Prodigality are completely opposite fromeach other.   They were both punished in Circle 4.   Since therir sin was related to the   material world, they were punished in Hell by the weights they had to carry around.   It's hard for them to learn their lesson because the hoarders can't understand the squanderers.
For the very first time they were in Hell, Virgil tells everyone what happens with the   divine human comprehensibility.   Virgil states that the random shift of wealth and fame from one place to another, can stand against the force of a man's reason.   Meaning the fact that a man can't understand the fortunes is normal.
Tis story was about different characters who were opposite, and got punished in Hell.   Iin the end, they figured out that everything they did not understand was normal.   Only God could understand the things they did not understand.