Cyp33 1.4

Roisin Egan
CYP33 Sue Gaffey  
Understand how to Safeguard the Wellbeing of Children and Young People. 
Learning outcome one. - Understand the Main legislation, guidelines, policies and procedures for safeguarding children and young people. 

1.4 Explain when and why inquiries and serious case reviews are requires and how sharing's of the findings informs practice. 

Serious case reviews take place from abuse or neglect, the local inter-angency group are responsible for child protection and they conduct a review to identify how local professionals and organisations can improve the way they work together. Serious case reviews are undertaken by local safeguarding children board for every case where abuse or neglect is recognized or suspected and either ;

• A child dies
• A child is seriously harmed and there are concerns about how organisations or professionals worked together to protect the child.
• The purpose of a serious case review is to:
• Establish what lessons are to be learned from the case about the way in which local professionals and organisations work individually and together to safeguard and promote the welfare of children
• Identify clearly what those lessons are both within and between agencies, how and within what timescales they will be acted on, and what is expected to change   as a result
• Improve workings within agencies
• To safeguard and promote the welfare of children more effectively

When a child dies or is seriously harmed or abuses or neglected is known or suspected, the first priority must be to consider whether there are other children who are likely to be in the same situations.

Serious case reviews ;
Victoria Climbie
• African / Christian
• Kindoki - Evil Spirits
The murder of Victoria Climbie in February 200 was a tragedy that highlighted many failings of the system that struggled to co-ordiate and share information amongst the correct agencies. There was twelve different occasions when the...