Cyp3.3 Safeguarding

CYP 3.3.1
  1. Produce and outline of current legislation, guidelines, policies and procedures within own UK home nation affecting the safeguarding of children and young people
In England and Wales, policies and procedures for Safeguarding and Child Protection are the result of the Children Act 1989. The Children Act 2004 also introduced further changes to the structure and organisation of the child protection system.

Children Act 1989: The aim of this act is to simplify laws that are already in place to protect children and young people in the UK.   It made it clear what the duties are for all who work with children and young people and how they should work together as a team in the event of child abuse allegations. Local authority has a duty to investigate when there is a reasonable cause to suspect that a child is suffering or likely to suffer significant harm.

Children Act 2004: After the tragic death of Victoria Climbie at the hands of her carers it was highlighted that the services set out to identify and protect vulnerable children were still not working together properly. In 2003, the Laming Report criticised the approach to protecting children in our society and produced a green paper policy, known as Every Child Matters which then led to the Children Act 2004. These acts give the children the right to be protected from harm and to have protection procedures in place to enable care for a child that safeguards their well-being.   The main features of the Children Act 2004 are:- requirement of the integration of children’s services working more closely, lead councillors for children’s services with political responsibility for local child welfare, a new Common Assessment Framework to assist agencies in identifying welfare needs and the establishment of Local Safeguarding Children’s Boards working together with other services to protect vulnerable children.

Every Child Matters was introduced in 2003 after the tragic death of Victoria Climbie. It...