CWG OC hiring treadmill for Rs 10 lakh, fridge for Rs 42,000
Treadmills are expensive, they cost upward of a few thousand but the premium ones go even higher. But Rs 9.75 lakh for a treadmill is way too steep, especially when it's a deal to hire one of many treadmills at this astronomical sum for 45 days by the Commonwealth Games (CWG) organising committee (OC).

It's not just the treadmill which is being hired at such fantastic rates, there are other items being hired by the CWG OC for a lot more than what it would have cost. The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) president and CWG OC chairman, Suresh Kalmadi, may have strongly denied corruption charges in the deals related to its conduct, but now he owes an explanation on this kind of lavish expenditure on the deals brokered on peripherals.

A scrutiny of some deal-related documents has revealed that the CWG OC is paying Rs 9.75 lakh just to rent a treadmill for 45 days. Interestingly, Harrods of London sold what is considered the best treadmill for about Rs 7 lakh recently.

Besides, the organisers are shelling out Rs 8.8 lakh for a cross-trainer, which is again several lakhs more than the price of a good machine.

Similarly, the CWG OC is hiring each chair for Rs 8,378, a 100-litre refrigerator for Rs 42,202, a corporate umbrella for Rs 6,308. Moreover, it has also approved the purchase of each tissue roll for a whopping Rs 4,138. Despite Kalmadi's rebuttals of no corruption, there seems to be more to these inflated bills.

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