Cuse of the Lack of Democracy


The three main important things in a democratic system are: Freedom, Civil Rights and Political Rights. When there is a lack of democracy it means that an individual or group in a position of power is excluding others from participating in a system of government. This can happen when, for example, a country is ruled by a dictator or an autocrat. Currently we have many threats against democracy. The most outstanding causes of lack of democracy are: economic crisis, social crisis, and political crisis. Economic crisis is related to the excessive indebtedness, external and/or internal, that causes deficit that generate greater obligations to the states to take care of their services. In consequence, this causes problems of inflation,

unemployment and poverty. Economic crisis represents a genuine threat to democracies. This point has three important implications. First, when population feel that their quality of

standard of living are dropping, which is the moment when most people experience economic crisis, a good political action can help contain the negative impact of economic crisis, minimize its effects, and prevent bad economic conditions in the population. But, if the government fails in its actions, the quality of life of the population is at risk. This is a threat to democracy because the direct consequence would be a social problem when the population does not found a regular way to solve their own problems and they can take actions that affected democracy such as insurgency, looting, take the street and, in consequence destabilize the

democratic government. Second, the absence of an adequate political response to economic crisis will cause an intensifying of crisis, with the consequence that the economy will become an element of political discontent in the population, who can take desperate actions that can destabilize the democratic government. Economic crisis does not lead directly...