Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships in Lifelong Learning.


As a teacher it is vital that I recognize what my role, responsibilities and boundaries are. It is very important that I adhere to the many legal obligations, regulatory requirements and codes of practice. It is very important that I keep up to date with all relevant legislations that relate to my role as a Childcare teacher. My background as a Children’s Care, Learning and Development practitioner has me bound by many legal obligations such as:

IFL Code of Professional Practice Teaching Regulations (2007)
This code was developed by the Institute For Learning (IFL) for their members this covers 7 key aspects:
Professional integrity
Reasonable care
Professional practice
Enhanced disclosure
Responsibility during institute investigations

The Children Act (2004) Every Child Matters
This ensures that every child has the right to be protected, be listened to, be given the opportunity to talk about any worries or issues. Whatever their circumstances or background may be.

The UN Convention on The Rights of the Child 1989)
This legislation says it is within every child’s rights to be well cared for, safe, be free from cruelty and exploitation.

Human Rights Act (1998)
This legislation strengthens children’s and adult’s rights. It requires courts and tribunals to make judgements based upon the European Convention of Human Rights. The terms in which I relate this is: the right to privacy, freedom of expression and discrimination.  

Data Protection Act (1998)
This legislation ensures the restriction of processing personal data about individual. As a teacher this Act in practice requires me to ask learners permission to pass on any information if need be. It is my duty to alert my learners in advance of any information that will be used and what it will be used for.

Health and Safety at Work Act (1974)
The health and safety of my learners...