CU1520 Promote Child and Young Person Development
      1.1 Explain the Factors that need to be taken into account when assessing development.
Confidentiality must not be breached when looking after a child or young person.
Before carrying out an observation on a child it would always be right to have the parents and the settings permission.
Always make sure all confidential material is secured in a locked cabinet.
Only talk to authorised personnel about confidential material.
This would only be broken if the child was at risk.

Children’s wishes and feelings
When carrying out observations, I would always take into account the child’s wishes and feelings. If I was observing a child and the child became very upset and wanted me to stop then I would stop straight away.

Ethnic and Linguistic Cultural background
When assessing a child I would always take into account their ethnic, cultural and linguistic background as they will play an important role in how the child acts and their understanding of the words being used.

Disability or Specific requirements (additional needs)
When carrying out an assessment or observation, disability or specific requirements always need to be taken into account as a child can be underestimated and the observation deemed unreliable.

Reliability of information
I do not think that anyone could get an accurate picture of development if the information is not accurate. This could harm the child’s development and the underestimating of their potential, understanding the limitations of each type of observation method.

Avoiding Bias
When observing a child I would remain completely objective, I would also make sure that another person was observing the child with me, and then this would produce a more accurate account.

      1.3   Explain the Selection of the assessment methods used

Ways of recording methods used is as follows
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