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I have discovered that if the flow capacities of the inlet and outlet trunnions are greatly enlarged and correlated properly with the internal diameter of a partitioned mill and with the flow area provided in the partition or partitions of the mill,crushing contractors africa I am able to effectively air-sweep the mill and at the same time secure the fine grinding obtained by the use of masses of grinding balls of progressively smaller diameter.According to my discovery, I have found that the cross-sectional areas of the inlet and outlet trunnions must be more than 15% of the internal cross-sectional area of the mill and that the combined fiow areas through each partition must be as great as that of the inlet or outlet trunnion.

Whereas in the past it has been regarded as desirable to have very narrow openings in mill partitions, I have been able to secure extremely fine grinding of the type required for Portland cement and similar fine materials by providing openings in the partitions greater than threequarter inch in their smallest dimension. Ad- Vantageously, according to my invention, such openings have a minimum dimension of one and one-quarter inches, and in a preferred form of partition, the openings are advantageously oblong in shape with a minimum dimension across the opening of one and three-quarter inches.

By making the inlet and outlet trunnions of the mill exceptionally large so that they have an effective flow area at least of the proportion referred to, and by making the openings in the partition walls so that they have a total opening area equal to the cross-sectional area of each trunnion, I am able, to effectively air-sweep the mill and at the same time produce a product of the desired degree of fineness.

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