Critique on Lyrics

Fantasy by Timbaland feat. Money

      The song that I chose was “Fantasy” by Timbaland featuring Money. Out of all the songs that I had to choose from I chose this one because it stuck out the most to me. The song is about a female who approaches a male and wants to show him a good time and show him how she could make his fantasies come true and hoping that he will not turn her down because if he does he will regret it. The connection here is the flesh connection which consists of nakedness and sex. The song is basically about sex and she explains how she would like him to get her at her highest point while with him and she know that she could blow his mind in one meeting.

In the beginning of the song, she clearly states, “Let me show you boy. Are you ready?” then proceeds to say, “Fantasy it could be good; Wildest thing you have ever dreamed”. She is now persuading him to join her in this wild ride because she is sure that she could make this particular male fall for her in one night. All of this is a one night stand which is expressed in the first verse by her saying, “If you ain’t busy baby, I’m all yours tonight”. In my world I know that a one night stand shouldn’t be happening with no female because when a female has a one night stand that would constitute her as an “Jump Off” or “Easy”.   She is using her body to exploit her needs for sex while she has a motive to seduce this male.