Criticisms-Good or Bad?

Criticism comes from the Greek word “Kritikos” which means the ability to discern or judge the merits and demerits and speak accordingly. Criticism comes from everyone- friends, relatives and even strangers. While there is little we can do to prevent criticism from coming our way, there are ways of dealing with criticism that can turn it into a positive experience. “Blessed is the man who can take bricks thrown at him and build a strong foundation”.
“Why do we criticize?” Well the answer is when we have common concern or values but different perceptions.
Criticism affects many of us negatively. Those who hurl criticism may not mean or believe what they say. Their comments may reflect momentary jealousy, resentment, depression, fatigue or revenge. Regardless of the intent, harsh words sting like killer bees. Almost all of us have lived through moments when someone close to us has said something that has cut us deep in our heart and that hurt is sealed forever in the memory bank. That is an amazing property of the spoken words!
Human Nature: It is instinctive for people to focus on the negative instead of the positive. “Rahul, your sister may be highly educated but is not all that good looking compared to her husband”. People refuse to see the good side of things and instead concentrate on something which may be immaterial.
Trust is yet another factor. Alka has no trust in her daughter and so every time, Prithi comes home late from her office, her imagination runs riot and thinks that her daughter had gone out with some one and starts criticizing her. Had she known the actual reason-say heavy work load due to annual closing or because of some urgent typing work, about which she could not inform her mother, she would not think otherwise.
Jealousy: There are people who are jealous of your success. Thomas Stanley, author of The Millionaire Mind, says, "Successful people are different for they do not follow the crowd. This often results in...