Cover Letter for Hsc

I have 4 GCSE’s at grade C and a double A level in ICT at grade DD, as well as my ICT A levels I have kept upto date with computers and am aware of all necessary needs for office use. I have worked in a supported living environment for over one year in two very different settings which gave me experience working with people with addictions. I have worked in a mental health hospital where certain patients have had addictions and as a support worker key working with my team leader I have some experience of setting up support plans, I implement any support plans already in place. I have and am currently working with individuals with complex needs ranging from full personal care to dietary needs for diabetic or gluten free. In my time as a volunteer youth leader I had a certain amount of fundraising activities to plan and take part in.
I have a basic knowledge of Microsoft office, I have completed training on safeguarding of venerable adults, basic life support, moving and handling, food hygiene and mental health first aid which included a module on drug and alcohol addiction. As security nurse in Kneesworth house hospital I would have performed risk assessments on a daily basis as well as preforming them during my time as a youth leader.
I have worked closely with a multidisciplinary team when key working with patients in Kneesworth, during this time it was important to build a professional and respectable reputation, especially when dealing with visitors, colleagues and other departments of the hospital. Since then I have maintained and improved my professionalism and continue to do so. As I key work with my team leader and specific service users it is very important to work as an effective team and cannot stress enough the importance of good communication within a team. At the end of a shift we must write daily records of the service user’s progress, opinions or changes to their physical and mental health, all this recorded information is also shared at handover...