Courtly Love in King Arthur

Within two centuries the legend of King Arthur and his knights had spread all over Europe and even into parts of Asia. Love could not exist in marriages back then.
The Legend of King Arthur starts with Uther Pendragon and his confidant, Merlin. Merlin is the son of the devil and a sorcerer. Uther develops a very strong passion for Ygraine, the wife of the Duke of Gorlois. With the help of Merlin’s magic, Uther makes love to Ygraine and thus Arthur is born. Arthur is the only one capable of pulling the sword from the stone. He is then crowned king.
Arthur wishes to marry Guinevere. Since Merlin can see in the future he warns Arthur of Guinevere not being faithful and falling in love with his noblest knight, Sir Lancelot. King Arthur pays no attention to his warning and is determined to make Guinevere his wife. Guinevere’s father, Leodegrance was delighted to hear the news; so as a gift he made the Round Table for Arthur and his knights. After coming to the round table King Arthur gives his knights an oath to never commit murder, robbery, any evil thing, always grant mercy to those who ask, and to help ladies in distress. All the knights promise to obey this oath, but one stood out above all the others, Sir Lancelot.
The story of King Arthur changes with each generation, but Sir Lancelot has been the most famous of Arthur’s knights. Lancelot was born to King Ban of Banoic and Helen. When Lancelot was a baby his father was losing a war against the king of the Waste Lands. Ban died of sorrow when his castle was captured. After his death, Helen mourned and neglected Lancelot. Seeing that Lancelot was being uncared for, Niniane, Lady of the Lake to Lancelot and vanished with him into the Lake. Niniane raised him and was responsible for his education, giving him lessons on courtly love and manner. Though Lancelot had all the mannerisms of a prince and a knight, Niniane never revealed his true identity. Lancelot was ignorant of his parents and his background.