Counterculture Movement

LIN 023
Instructor: Miki Mori
Student: Aotian zheng

The female wrestler in the Bolivia have presented the important progressive role that counterculture have played in the society reformation. By choosing wrestler as a career and use its special position in the Bolivia culture, the woman in Bolivia found the way to breach the old society rule that based on the male chauvinism. When they declared their victory on the platform, they are not only declaring themselves as an outstanding athlete, but also declaring the victory against the traditional male chauvinism for the woman who suffered the unfair social discrimination and restrictions. In the modern society, the counterculture has become an effective method for the vulnerable group and the new generation of the society to fight against the conservative and discriminative society rules.
The word “counterculture” is created in the late 1960s, which refer to the behavior, value and the social movement deviates from the mainstream of the conservative society that originally formed in early 20 centuries. This word is usually used to describe many civil social movements that held after the WWII, from the anti-war movement like May 1968 protest in Paris that against the and hippies to the civil right movement like “the second wave”. Most of the counterculture movements not only held by the victims of the social injustice, like the female citizens or minorities, but also involved by the young intellectuals who seek for society reformation. The counterculture movement always focusing on the civil right and the equality of the society and against the traditional value and culture standard like the nationalism, imperialism and patriarchies rule. Different from revolutionist of the 19 centuries, the counterculture suggest a new kind of resistance to the social injustice, not by using the social violence to start a revolution and rebuild the society, but rely on the culture movement to change the social environment in order...