Counte of Monte Cristo

February 11, 2010
The Count Of Monte Cristo
People who change their identities may do so because it lets them be someone different, someone they have allows wanted to be or someone who can get away with things with it being caught. Changing who you are allows you to hide or get away from yourself and others, and many other reasons. When changing identities, not only do physical changes occur but mental changes occur too. Thoughts and purposes and goals and aspirations become different things then they were before. Edmond Dantes, takes on various identities throughout the book.   His purpose in taking on new identities is to seek revenge on his enemies while rewarding those who never did him wrong while he was Edmond Dantes.
Edmond Dantes a successful, happy, young sailor was imprisoned right before his wedding with the love of his life. When Dantes entered prison he was a nineteen-year-old boy and who wanted nothing but the best for everyone. After learning about why he was brought there, he became obsessed with getting revenge. Upon his escape from prison, he set out on a journey to do nothing but get the revenge that was needed and to get the whole story on why he was imprisoned and who was behind it all. During his time in prison his views on life had changed greatly. Thoughts of revenge consumed his brain and he now realized that being nice to everyone is not the way to get what you want. He had a one track mind when he escaped; all he wanted to do was to make those who made him suffer, suffer themselves as Dantes stated “I want to punish my enemies before I die, and I may have a few friends to reward.”
Dantes was no longer the “good guy” anymore. He wanted to get even. He bribes people with treasurer and large amounts of money to get what he wants. He is using the rich life to get into the circle of all the people who wanted him to be in prison. He uses the money to get respect from them while he is getting all the information and deep secrets about them....