By spending time and their experiences together Lewis and the rest of the characters have all improved themselves. This is seen through Julie, Nick and Zac from the play ‘Cosi’ written by Louis Nowra.   Everyone wanted to start a fresh new life and by doing so Nick and Zac had became successful people while Julie had started her new life very well but soon passed away.

Julie a character from the play ‘Cosi’ is in the Mental Institution for the first time because of a drug addiction. Julie had come to this play to do something that she had never done before, star in a play about Love and Fidelity. Now that the performance of the play is over Julie has stated that “I’m leaving this place”, Lewis is shocked that she is leaving and wants to take her to the station but Julie would like him to visit her before she leaves.   Julie is now heading off to Sydney with her girlfriend to start a new chapter in her life, and also states that “I need something stable in my life”. This suggest that she is ready for what’s coming up in her future in Sydney and with her girlfriend, but later on Lewis goes to Sydney to visit her but he has just read the paper and its states “ Julie has died on an drug overdose”. This also proves that you can change a lot of your life, but you will always end up going back to your normal self and doing the same stuff you have done in your past but doing it in your future.

Nick is a character that is up himself a lot throughout the play, he is also a passionate supporter of the Communists in Vietnam and also a protester against the war. But this has given him becoming the Labour MP in the Upper House. This is also because he had organised the Moratorium meeting in Act 1. Nick hasn’t improved his new life because he believes that Lewis is wasting his time in the asylum   and also has betrayed his best mates trust but sleeping with...