Carlton A. Fields
Corruption In Our Own Backyard: Mexico
Action Research in Ed Admin
EDA 570
Wednesday, April 27, 2011

In order to understand the corruption that exists in Mexico, it is first necessary to examine exactly what and who is participating in dishonest practices as well as why said corruption exists. It is important to know not only how deceitful practices have come to exist, but also why they have continued to prevail so heavily. There are many levels of corruption throughout Mexico; each level needs to be addressed to understand how and why they all relate to one another. Indeed, this relation is largely the reason why it is so difficult to put a stop to corrupt and deceitful behaviours. What areas of Mexico are corrupt and why? Additionally, it is obvious that the United States is certainly not free of corruption, but being located next to a country with such extreme cases of corruption inevitably has an effect on the nation as a whole.

The State of Corruption in Mexico
In Mexico today, corruption exists throughout the country, from criminals, to government officials, to businesses and even to police officers.   Corruption exists at every level of society in the country. In their essay Evade, Corrupt, or Confront? Organized Crime and the State in Brazil and Mexico (2009), John Bailey and Matthew M. Taylor note the fact that organized crime occurs at various levels, just as the government does, and that they are consistently connected to one another. They write:
There is considerable interplay between states and criminal actors, even when the state is not corrupted by, or allied with, criminal groups. Interactions between criminal organizations and governments can occur on a number of levels. At the neighbourhood level, for example, fluid organizations involved in extortion, drug distribution, gambling,

or prostitution work out stable relationships with...