A pleasant morning to everyone! And in that note, let me ask you this: Who among you wants money? Somehow, I think everyone is in need of money, whatever reason we may have. And if I would say that right now, right here I would give hundred pesos to the 20th person counting from the back. Would you start counting and check if you’re the lucky one?   Money, as they say, is the root of all evil. If so, then aren’t we all future “evils” since we all have the greed for money?

This, my dear classmates, is the most common reason of why we have piles and piles of administrative cases filed against our government officials: Corruption. Corruption which is not even discreet at times yet remains unnoticed.

In everything we do we pay taxes to the government. You buy food and other life necessities you pay taxes – through VAT (value added tax). We pay for our law-makers through our taxes to have a secured society that is worthy to be lived in. And it is just right because we know that through these taxes the government would be able construct buildings, highways, and improve their services which are just what the people needed. However, how can we be satisfied if these supposed to be leaders are also the number one law-breakers and cheaters? The problem is that no matter how hard we work, no matter how diligent we are in paying our taxes to the government so we could have all the convenience we could earn through our paid taxes there are still those in the position who are selfish enough to use this money for their personal agendas.

Because of the rampant graft and corruption among those in position instead of constructing a better society for all Filipinos, majority of the population still suffers from poverty. People’s trust among government officials are still at borders and because of that full cooperation between the government and its citizens remains far from being achieved.

If only these so called leaders act according to the oath they have taken they could’ve...