Corporate Governance

This form of governance was not democratic. The powers were shared among the elite few who were wealthy. The society was ruled by men and women of great wealth and might. Poor men and women were slaves of the rich, and they were at their mercy. The society was that of suspicion. The poor owed great debts since they had no money to pay the rich they continued to accumulate debts and eventually became their slaves. The rich ruled the courts and all public offices where they. The poor were tried by courts from the” noble families and sworn upon sacrifices “the prosecutor part was assumed by a Myron. They were found guilty of sacrilege, and thgeir bodies cast out of their graves and their race banished for good, because of this, a purification of the city was done this brought bad blood between them.
      They poor worked in the farms of the rich for rent. The constitution was organized in such a way that the magistrates were” elected according to wealth and birth.” Who before revision ruled until death but upon, to revision served for ten years. Great injustices were done that prompted the majority poor to rise against the upper class. Two camps were formed who seemed to breathe fire to each other. Then a leader was chosen upon agreement of both parties. His name being solon a man described to have middle class statues .Archon was also appointed to the same task. This evidenced by his ancient poems .He was not slow to his judgment and in many occasions, he blamed the rich for the conflict.
      He indeed lived to the task and liberated the people by passing laws that indemnified their debts, those done in secrets and public. The rich found fault in him because of this character and accused him of fraud. He drew up his constitution and divided the population into four classes. Giving positions of power to each class in portion. .Upon this divisions it was clear it was going to be a man show he made laws that even threatened to strip the people of their citizenship...