Core Mil Values and Leadership


1. Since the Army is collective and regimented org the values of Army and its leadership will have to be a two kinds :-

(a)   Collective.

(i)   Loyalty. The loyalty should be to:-

(aa) Subordinates.
(ab) Superiors.
(ac) The Unit.
(ad) The Army.
(ae) The Nation.
(af) To the divinity within oneself.

(ii) Team spirit and espirit-de-corps.

(b)   Individualist.

2. The army is an org which is collective in its principle and hierarchical in its structure and functioning. The structure is based on the following :-

(a)   A system of chain command.
(b)   Accountability.
(c)   A system of just awards and correct punishment.

3. For the functioning and efficiency of the system an indl has to subordinate himself to the org. Thus the indl subordinates himself to the gp (Army). The Army is subordinate to the nation. Thus all ideals in the Army are collective whether honesty, integrity and loyalty. Thus the soldier is always thinking of the nations welfare first, his gps next and his own in the end. This is what constitutes the famous words of Chetwode which is the IMA Credo. The nation and the Army is responsible to see to it that the indl is made efficient to fulfill his task.

4. Motivation Profile. The four motivation factors in various combination which impact a man joining the Army are:-

(a)   A career.
(b)   Spirit of adventure.
(c)   A sense of Patriotism.
(d)   A feel for str, sacrifice and heroism.

5. The first two factors are most imp for an indl and the org is resp to see to it that he is comfortable and once it is done it is his resp not to carry these motives beyond a pt for then, they become a source of worry and demotivation. Most of ills in the army today stem from this overstress of career and monetary motives. Thus they become sources of demotivation as they do not come from our deeper self but from external sources and are dependent   on the opinion of the others. They are...