1. The amount of gift that can be accepted from a prohibited source per year? $50
  2. Three most common fraud offenses – Briberies, gratuities, and kickbacks
  3. When confronted with sex trafficking issues, what is the first thing CCO should do?   Report up through chain of command and to legal
  4. What is the first thing you do if you receive a gift?   Try to return it immediately; if unsuccessful, contact Legal
  5. How man tenets of Government service are there?   14

  1. The person who warrants the CCO is the SCO or PARC (Senior Contracting Official or Principal Assistant Responsible for Contracting)
  2. This person acquires supplies and services for the war fighter – CCO
  3. This person establishes policies and procedures for developing, reviewing, and managing the contingency contracting process to include administration plans – SCO/PARC
  4. Who appoints the SCO/PARC – Head of Contracting Agency (HCA)
  5. This command is stood-up for large scale CONUS deployments – Joint Theatre Contracting Command

  1. This rule provides that a fiscal year (FY) appropriations only be obligated to meet a genuine need arising in or sometimes before the FY for which the appropriation was made – Bona Fide Need Rule
  2. Construction contracts obligated and awarded late in a FY must have a performance start within 90 days of award
  3. Funds used for the day to day expenses incurred during training exercises, deployments, and operating and maintaining installations – O&M Funds
  4. The two required elements of a Purchase Request (PR):
      a. Clear description
      b. Certified funds
  5. The contracting phase is characterized by a reception and   bed down of the main body of deploying forces   - PHASE II – Joint Reception, Staging, Onward Movement, and Integration (JRSOI)

  1. This type of contracting environment is characterized by...