Contract Risk and Opportunities

Span’s Systems vs. Citizen-Schwartz
This simulation begins in the middle of a big dispute between software-developing company, Span Systems and one of its customers Citizen-Schwartz. The contract was made between two parties, where one represents the company that designs software and another part which requires the software. These are the employees of this conflict, we have Kevin Grant, Director-Projects, Span Systems, is responsible for monitoring the performance of employees. Harold Smith, Span transactional attorney, plays an important role in the implementation of this project. Then Leon, one of the most powerful businessmen in CS.
Span and Citizen have entered into a contract which they agreed to meet which can follow these basic steps to guide them:
1) Contract law in private enterprise
2) Sources of contract law
3) Contractual classifications
4) Contractual enforcement terminology
5) Contractual performance terminology
6) Breach of contract
7) Offer to contract
8) Acceptance of contract
9) Consideration
10) Capacity of parties to contract
11) Lawful purpose
12) Written contracts
13) Interpretation of contracts
14) Assignment of contracts
15) Contracts benefiting a third party
16) Performance of contracts
17) Discharge of contracts
18) Trends in contract law
19) Contractual ethics

The two companies are in a difficult dispute due to poor quality and timely deliveries. Found errors that were found by CS during a test were done. In addition they are concerned that Span did not meet the one-year contract, which was worth $ 6 million. The main concern is to ensure Span a large contract with E-CRM, as it is a little doubtful with the current contract. CS requests all codes and affirms the termination.

The case was in litigation for years and finally concluded but with no winner. Although the agreement was 100 million to Majestic's, yet it was not enough. The cost of each disputant was a waste of time and productivity. The...