Contemporary Issues in Pe and School Sport

Contemporary issues in PE and School Sport
Assignment 1

Teachers often try to plan very carefully and ensure that their lessons run smoothly and as planned. This often ensures content and coverage with secure and effective lessons. More recently the teaching profession has been encouraged to take greater risk in their teaching styles, and develop strategies to create deep effective learning rather than the superficial learning. The current secondary curriculum inserts these concepts through thinking and more personal skills.

Throughout the on going research into deep learning, it has become more apparent to us and other professionals that every individual can learn effectively. This may appear obvious to most people, however, this has to some extent been overlooked by teaching professionals in the past. People in all walks of life need to learn new skills, take in new concepts, assess new situations and be able to deal with the unexpected. Possessing existing skills and principles to be able to learn new ones is vital.
Students have their own unique reactions to the educational process; students can range from feeling trapped and have a very abhorrence perspective of school, to other who genuinely enjoy it (Willgoose, pg; 77, 1979). The reasoning behind this can be a number of factors; some students may comprise bad experiences that may have disheartened, embedding a negative attitude towards learning.
Effective learning is deep learning, marked by deliberate intention to learn, as well as individual and social orientations to learning. Orientations to learning may be academic, vocational, personal and social (Rhem, 1995).
The 2006 Gilbert Report recommended to the Department for Education and Skills that all schools by 2020 should have incorporated Learning to learn principles in their school (Frapwell, and Caldecott, 2011 )
Learning to learn is described as the ability to pursue and persist in learning, to...