Consumer Psychology

Consumer Psychology and Marketing Communication Article Analysis
April 16, 2012
Juan Bates

Consumer Psychology and Marketing Communication Article Analysis

A consumer is everyone and as a consumer people like to think that they are independent thinkers who make their own choices, they do not like to be thought of as being “sold” on goods and services.   However, based on the amount of “exposure” to goods and services, consumers are in actuality influenced by marketing, advertising, research firms, institutions and sales people, who present consumers with what they believe the consumer likes, wants and/or needs.   Self-satisfaction is a word that is used when it comes to consumers. Is this conclusion really what the consumers want, like or need or is the consumer being persuaded?   Research experts, marketers, sales, advertisers, and the government have a vital impact on all the decision of what can and does influence the consumer with what they want the consumer to like, want and need through their calculable methods. Simple put this is consumer psychology, which is the study of how people (consumers) relate to goods and services. In order to find an innocent consumer and evaluate this person to see if persuasion does effect buying power, the study would have to involve an innocent or naïve young consumer or a consumer who it not exposed to advertisement or marketing influence.

Consumer psychology is a very broad subject and it is important to remember that most of a consumer decision to buy is emotional in aspect.   Companies will hire experts or specialist to evaluate and study the consumer and their perceived value of their selections and purchased and this study will included everything from the packaging to the behavior of parents as consumers. In a 2005 study at Clemson University, Bryan Denham posted conclusions on Sage Journals Online about youth, society, and role of social status on sports participation among high school students and...